Destiny 2 Beta Impressions

By Sean K-walton

For those of us that weren’t invited to the multiple preview events since the official announcement of Destiny 2 earlier in the year, this past week has been a chance for guardians, new & old, to get a long-awaited taste of what is to come in the sequel to what can easily be considered as one of the most loved and hated game franchises to have appeared in the last decade. 

When I got home after work on July 21st I had that child before Christmas feeling, itching to see what this latest instalment had to offer. Having played both the original destiny Alpha and Beta I can’t lie my expectations were high, playing the first story mission, I wasn’t disappointed.  

Finally we had the vanguard legends showing exactly why they are revered, Zavala commanding and protecting all with his bubble, Ikora Rey taking out a ship with a nova bomb and then Cayde-6 being what we all assume hunter mains were like in general anyway. The main protagonist Dominus Ghaul making an entrance that sets an epic stage for what looks like an amazing story, something that Destiny was lacking in whole. 

Unfortunately, this seems to be the only improvement that has taken place. The game in general looks the same if not slightly a more polished version and as for the actual gameplay well it genuinely felt the same if not worse to me. In PvE the enemies moved in the same predictable patterns as Destiny but they just seemed to take longer to kill, as for PvP well this is where I was left wanting the most. 

For me what set destiny apart from most online FPS games was the plays and moments of brilliance that you could make happen because of the unique movement, ability and gun play but this seems somehow lacking with the 4v4 setup. It basically feels like Call of Duty now but with the longest ever time to kill and add in the fact that you pretty much only get a super towards the end of the round, so it turns into a crazy rush to use it when it appears. 

Although admittedly it was a lot more balanced and for the competitive scene that’obviously a good thing, I get this horrible feeling though that it’s just the copy and paste style of game developing we’ve seen way too much of in recent years trying to cash in on what was such a massive success in the original Destiny game and making us once again pay full price for what is essentially an elaborate DLC at best. 

Only time will tell if it can be the game we all know it can be and hope it will be, I’ll be there on September 6thand I hope to see you there too guardians.

  • DeanB

    I have to admit I only played the opening story mission in the beta (my PS PLUS has expired) but it just felt like Destiny 1 with a new HUD…