Racist Destiny 2 gauntlets removed

A set of Destiny 2 gauntlets will be removed following complaints that the design was offensive. The culprit? The Road Complex AA1 gauntlets, which contain elements resembling an alleged hate symbol. Bungie was quick to announce its removal and apologized for offending anyone’s delicate sensibilities.



Apparently, the gauntlets look similar to the Kekistani flag; a fictional country created by 4chan internet trolls. The flag is said to be modeled after the Reichskriegsflagge, or Nazi War Flag. It has more recently become an emblem for the alt-right movement.



Bungie hasn’t specifically stated whether they’ll remove the gauntlets entirely or simply alter the design. The latter is likely, as the legendary gauntlets have a relatively high light level. Continue to check in with us for updates and news of any additional racist equipment.



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